Walk Away by Bistro Boy feat. Páll Óskar

Walk Away is a song I wrote and for the longest time was wondering who would be the best fit to deliver vocals. So, after playing a demo of the song for the Icelandic pop icon Páll Óskar, also known internationally as Paul Oscar, we decided to give it a try. Vocals where recorded at Studio Neptunus where my good friend Halldór Björnsson is in charge (who is also member of the Icelandic band Legend). Páll Óskar is one of a kind and Iceland's biggest pop-star (he´s basically the Madonna of Iceland) and I couldn´t not be happier with the results. Listen to Walk Away on Spotify.

Album information: Written, arranged and produced by: Frosti Jónsson. Lyrics: Frosti Jónsson. Performed by Bistro Boy & Páll Óskar (Vocals). Mastered by: Frosti Jónsson. Artwork by Pall Gudjonsson. Photography: Pall Gudjonsson & Baldvin Þeyr. CAT: HELGA062. First Releesed as a single, June 28th, 2017 and later that year on Páll Óskars album "Kristalsplatan".

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