Good bye and hello new year

A memorable (and challenging) year is over and we're welcoming a new year with more new music and emerging artists. We're forever thankful for all the artists trusting URÐ MUSIK for their music and releases and we can't wait to work with more artists on more music in 2021.

Some albums got listed!

Constructive Metabolism by Andartak (Arnór Kári) and Asaleysing by Asalaus (Ása Ólafsdóttir) we're nominated to the Kraumur Music Awards. evolve by Bistro Boy made it to TWGEEMA's top 100 best electronic albums of 2020. Music critique Trausti Júlíusson's has ranked Constructive Metabolism by Andartak number 34 and Ambient Theory of Dreaming by Bistro Boy number 39 on his list of best Icelandic albums of the year and on his list of best EPs of the year Dymbrá's debut album Dymbrá is listed number 12

List of albums URÐ MUSIK worked on in 2020

Ruddinn - Pétur

Duv Tales - Morocco

Bistro Boy & Bjartmar - Moments

Bistro Boy - Ambient Theory Of Dreaming

Futuregraphic - Futuregrapher

Asalaus - Asaleysing

Steve Sampling - Oranges & Lemons

Karl Marx - Stasi Acid

Dymbrá - Dymbrá

Andartak - Constructed Metabolism

Bistro Boy - evolve

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